Newbie to MM guiters looking for recommendations

Newbie to MM guiters looking for recommendations


I have played a good few MM guitars over the years and have always wanted one. Fortunately, I’m now in a position to get one. I already have a PRS SE 35th Anniversary and an Epiphone Les Paul (and a Martin D18 acoustic) and I’m looking to widen the range of tones and colours available. I did have a Fender Strat in the past but sold it on some years ago to finance a trip. I play mostly blues/rock style of music but occasionally experiment into various other styles and genres so I’m looking for a very versatile instrument.
My playing ability is pretty average and intermediate but I can sometimes raise my game. I do gig – playing mostly covers.
So, any advice, recommendations, chat would be most appreciated. I am lucky to have a budget of around £2,000 max but of course, know I don’t always need to spend big to get greatness.

I hope you are safe, well and loved.

Many thanks


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