NGD Monarchy Black Knight

NGD Monarchy Black Knight

This guitar was a looooong time coming. Axe Palace gave a big discount for a preorder paid in full back in December 2016. Of course I had to order it. As you know, this model had some delays due to the amount of preorders. So I dilengently waited, and impatiently messaged Nick at axe Palace monthly then weekly basis lol (sorry Nick).

Well it finally got here and you guessed it…. the wait was worth it. It was literally perfect out the box minus a slight tuning adjustment. Fit and finish is flawless. Fret edges are as smooth as the glassy gloss finish. I’m still in the honeymoon phase but I’m in love with the Sonic ecstasy pickups. Can’t say enough about this guitar. So one majesty for standard/flat and one for D Standard. m/.

Thanks to EBMM for another perfect instrument

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