NGD: New (to me!) EBMM Morse in Black Sapphire on the way!

NGD: New (to me!) EBMM Morse in Black Sapphire on the way!

Hey guys, just thought I would put a post out there that I just snagged a 2014 EBMM Steve Morse model (standard, not a Y2D model) in black sapphire online today…. Super stoked to get it!

This will technically be my second Morse that I’ve owned, but I didn’t hold onto the first one very long a couple years ago due to financial reasons (didn’t even really have a chance to give it a proper ago when I had that one, unfortunately.)

The pictures in the listing I won must’ve had a really bright flash, because the sapphire black looked a lot more like charcoal frost to me. Does anyone know if they actually did a charcoal frost EBMM Morse in 2014? I’ll be happy with either finish, but I couldn’t find a proper picture of a 2014 Morse with either the black sapphire or charcoal frost finishes. If anyone has a good picture of one of those finishes on a Morse, can you please post it here?

Also, for those of you who have a Morse, how do you have yours set up, action, string gauge, etc.?

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