NGD: Silhouette Tele Style!

NGD: Silhouette Tele Style!

Just got it last night:

SiloTele – Album on Imgur

It’s awesome!

1994 Silo hardtail.

Barden Danny Gatton pickups. Not the Modern T in the bridge. I’m going to keep it as is for now and work with the twang. Kind of like how I set up my LP sound except with one tone control: set the amp/pedals so that the neck pickup is exactly as I want it. Then work the tone control on the guitar to taste when switching to the other two positions.

The pickups very accurate and powerful. Gotta have both right and left technique together to make them sound right. They’re really, really nice.

The Silo itself had a choke when I’d vibrato off a bend on the high E string/14th fret, but I switched to 10s (came with 9s) and it sounds great now.

Love this guitar. Thanks again, Glenn. I love a Tele sound but don’t feel comfy with the T style body/neck. Silo’s my fave.

(Can anyone tell me how to get the images to show up here without going to the site of origin?)

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