One of the great things about this forum!!

One of the great things about this forum!!

So, I’ve been on this forum for quite a while now and it never ceases to maze me that the people I’ve met here are just great. I first met MikeVT at the 2005 EBMM Forum Open house!! I met many there and at other forum sponsored events. I got a FailBook Messanger post from Mikey saying he was gonna be out my way (Eastern Mass) for the Great Amp Show, I had seen things about it, but I wasn’t in the market and I had some others. So, Mike says he any chance we can get together, I say “Hell yah!!”. Luckily the show was only a few towns over. We made plans connected Saturday night, went to really great place to eat that I had never been, had some awesome food and basically closed the place. It was totally great to see Mike can get caught up face to face. I’ve met some many people from here Beej, the Brothers Dubaldo, FrankRick, MikeVT, the Brother’s Ball, the man himself BP, Jack, Fred, and many others, though I’ll always miss Mr Mike Green may he rest in peace. I never would have thought that those types of connections would made via the World Weird Web.

I miss the forum get togethers (Open House, Desert Domination, and of course Jack’s 50th!!), but I understand the cost was nutso, but they were always good times and they will always be appreciated.

I’ve meet others at the Dubaldo Sessions, try to never miss those, some of the nicest and genuine people you’ll ever meet.

Just wanted to share, thanx for taking the time to read. Glenn |B)

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