Output levels bounce when changing preset

Output levels bounce when changing preset

Hi to everyone,
I’m new to this forum an also as G System user, more or less.

I’m quite successfully using a G System connected to a EVH 5150III head (50Watt) using the 4 cable method, with a midi cable to switch the head channel.

Everything is quite good, great tone, no additional noise (EVH is a little bit noisy by itself so nothing has changed by introducing this piece of gear), everything sounds as expected. Great. Of course I couldn’t ever get even closer to these results if it wasn’t for Mr Williams White Papers, so first of all thanks for this great reference manual.

After some gigs anyway I understood that I had to do some modifications to reduce the “volume” difference I have when switching channel 1 and 2 or 3 on the head: the EVH5150II has 3 channels, but channel 1 and 2 shares all controls, so you cannot manually set the volume on ch1 and a different volume for ch2. This is where the G System should come in, by adjusting the preset levels.

First I noticed that I can only “lower” all preset volume: by default all presets are set to 0dB, which is the max output volume (Left and Right). So I decided manually set all my preset to a -6 dB. By doing this I have a reasonable amount of “spare volume” that I can add to all preset mapped on the ch1 of my head.

It works even if it’s a little bit annoying dealing with one parameter to be set on ALL presets you have, but nothing really bad.

The problem is that when I change from a higher-level preset to lower-level preset, the head switches the channel a small amount of time earlier than the G System lowers the volume, and this causes some kind of bounce in the volume, which goes from “max level” to the level setup for the current preset.

I hope you understood the situation, sorry for my poor English language..
Could this be related to some kind of “bad general setup” of the unit? Thanks for anyone has some tip to solve this issue,
Alex B.

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