Pickup height Axis Sport vs. Axis Super Sport

Pickup height Axis Sport vs. Axis Super Sport

I recently got my new Axis Sport and when I played it for the first time after unpacking, I found that it had substantially more output, especially the bridge pickup.
Since I had to increase string height due to too much fret buzz with my plying, I could balance this to an almost same level as my Axis Sport HSS.
However, compared to my Axis Super Sport the bridge pickup is still about 1mm nearer to the strings (
or the pickup cavity in the Axis Super Sport is a little deeper). Action is exactly the same height on both guitars.

Can anyone confirm this?

Maybe this has been changed over the years, or for the Axis Sport vs. Axis Super Sport?

Maybe this is the reason, why some claim the Axis Sport is more spanky or more fresh (since this is my impression comparing Axis Sport to Axis Super Sport).

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