Polytune 2

Polytune 2

Tc Dudes,

Please help me out.

I’ve tried to call Canada and all I hear on the phone is.” Circuits are busy ” for 3 days !
I live in the USA, but know that you’ve closed down the Westlake office.

I have a Polytune 2 that I’ve just realized won’t stay in ” Strobe ” mode.
I recently saw Tore’s demo video and discovered that there was a problem.

I’d always press the display button , the screen would change to Strobe and show a” G “
then return to regular needle tuning mode.
As I’ve said, I thought that this was normal, until I saw the strobe video the other day.
Am I doing something wrong. Is it the Tuner?

I have a new battery in it and plug it in. I’ve tried every combination!

I own over 20 of your poducts. Please help me fix this.
I’d like to retire my Peterson tuner and set up intonation with the Polytune 2.

Thanks guys !


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