Powercore Device Ownership Transfer

Powercore Device Ownership Transfer

I recently purchased a Powercore compact from a retailer on ebay. I have previously owned a Powercore express and Powercore unplugged and have been very happy, but now I have sold my desktop computer I want to continue to run my virus plugin on a laptop.

So, I uploaded the virus plugin to my powercore account and hooked up my new powercore compact. I thought it would be a simple case of downloading the virus license and installing but I hit the hurdle of having to register the new hardware. I tried this but hit the error message “The Authentication ID you entered seems to be in use already. Please doublecheck it and try again”.

So next up, I purchased an ownership transfer from the TC website. I was asked for the serial number on the box and the sales receipt which I delivered, and then I got an email from carecrea@music-group.com stating that they were unable to register my product and “Please follow the following link to register your product with TC electronics”.

Tried registration again, same error message! So 30 usd down and no further information I am left wondering how do I actually go about getting my virus plugin on this device before the deadline of 31st Dec when our accounts will close?

Does it really need to be this difficult TC? I have the device in my possession, I have owned two powercore cards previously,  I just want to use my new device to run my Virus plugin. I have been a loyal customer. Why would do you risk your reputation by making this so difficult and treating your customers so badly?

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