Problem with Music Man Majesty

Problem with Music Man Majesty

Hello everyone, first post here. I have finally acquired along sought after guitar, Music Man Majesty 6 in Artic Dream finish. I bought the guitar used off Ebay earlier this year from the United States.

Unfortunately there seem to be an issue with the guitar. Ever since I got it, the volume knob (mag vol) seems to be scratchy a bit, causes a light hum/buzz whenever touched and in the up position (knob up/boost activated) it seems to be causing more hum/noise/scratchiness. The volume always feels that it is not fully opened, I feel the volume is restrained, as if the knob isn’t fully rotated. I manage to get more volume if I hold the knob and as if I am forcing it beyond 10 (if that makes sense) but very intermittent.

I turned down the Mag Boost all the way off (from the back of the guitar) and I opened the cavity and visually inspected for any loose solder joints but couldn’t see any, I must say though, the wiring is the most complicated I have ever seen!

The guitar seems to be more on the trebly side, as it sounds harsh and ear piercing in an abnormal way. I managed to get the guitar set-up (not 100% satisfied, but that is for a different thread) and installed new batteries.

So what shall I do to trouble shoot the issue? I am comfortable replacing pots and soldering but not sure where to start and how do I obtain new parts.

Any-help will be highly appreciated…..:)

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