question about '94-'95 era Steve Morse model tune-o-matic bridge

question about '94-'95 era Steve Morse model tune-o-matic bridge

I just took ownership of a 1994 Steve Morse model EBMM, the stock blueburst with the tune-o-matic style bridge. I had a couple issues/questions about the bridge:

It appears in order to adjust the bridge height, it requires removing all the strings and taking the tune-o-matic bridge off in order to get to the height adjust wheels on the posts, as the tops of the posts don’t have a slot or hole in them to use a flathead screwdriver or allen wrench to adjust them. The pickguard blocks you from adjusting the wheels unless the bridge is removed. This seems like a pretty cumbersome way to adjust the bridge height.

It looks like the bridge is a Gotoh tune-o-matic style bridge with the standard posts– is that what they came stock with in 1994-1995? I know somewhere along the line, EBMM switched the bridge type to one that has the slots at the top of the posts so you can adjust the height without taking the bridge off.

Are there any options for a bridge that can utilize the existing bushings in the guitar (which look to be for standard Gibson-style TOM posts)?

Just wondering how other folks that own earlier Morse models with this style bridge have gotten on with them.

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