Question: Buying a Cutlass from the USA to Ireland

Question: Buying a Cutlass from the USA to Ireland

Hi Folks, new on the forum here.

After much research for a high end strat, I’m pretty certain what I will be settling on is a Cutlass (either a ’16 model, or an RS, I don’t mind). I’ve seen enough people saying it’s as good as or better than a , D’Pergo etc, and it just has a look of absolute quality. It also sounds like a classic strat should sound.

I say this without actually having tried one, which wouldn’t put me off buying, however the issue I can currently see is the stock levels of this guitar in Ireland/UK seem to be very low – at a guess I’d say there may be only a handful of these actually available to buy over here currently. Personally I would have to have a maple neck model, preferably black if one of the original series, which narrows the choice down further. The other issue I have is there seems to be a considerable price disparity, making them considerably more expensive this side of the pond. I’m sure they are still worth every cent – but part of the appeal of the Cutlass seems to be it can be had for a very good price.

I’m left therefore thinking that buying one directly from the USA is potentially the way to go. I’d appreciate any input from anyone living on my side of the pond who has gone down this route with EBMM .

Also, what, if any, big retailers in the USA that sell the Cutlass would offer international shipping?


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