question regarding unfinished EBMM necks

question regarding unfinished EBMM necks


the neck of my JP7 is a unfinished neck (no lacquer) and I really like the feel of the back of the neck. However, since I play this guitar a lot, the neck is starting to feel a bit more like a finished neck, I guess my hand/thumb is ‘polishing’ the neck. The neck is not dirty, so it doesn’t need to be cleaned, it’s only a ‘feel’ thing.
Now, here’s my question: what’s the best way to regain that unfinished feel of the neck?

I have seen the thread on care for unfinished necks and I also watched the YT video on how to clean an EBMM unfinished neck, however, in my case the neck is not dry nor dirty, so I’m not sure of the oil-soap and gun-stock oil/wax would be the right thing here?

thanks in advance!

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