Question: EB/MM Customer Service

Question: EB/MM Customer Service


One month ago my beloved Valentine had an accident. I leant it against my amp and it slipped right into the metal edges of said amp and left a scratch in the back of the neck. I was totally heartbroken. Since this is my number one guitar I would like to get it fixed by the fabulous humans which created this guitar once.

So, last month/4 weeks ago I wrote the customer service (, told them the whole story, sent pictures, a youtube-link so they can judge if they can repair it. I also asked them if it’s possible to buy a new neck in case mine could not be repaired. Sadly I received no answer. I waited a little bit because in times like these (covid) everything takes a little bit longer, so that’s totally fine.

A few days later I found another email address and I tried to contact Music Man ( but didn’t get a response either.

My questions: Is there a new email address where I can contact them that I don’t know of? 🙂

Cheers and thank you in advantage,


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