Question: Future Axis models?

Question: Future Axis models?

Howdy forum,

I own an EBMM Axis and its my #1 guitar. It probably sounds the best of all my guitars and it has my favourite neck shape ever =) I’ve been hunting for a new guitar, going back and fourth between an axis or peavey HP2 or some kind of custom Jackson/ Charvel. When I play my guitars back to back, the Axis always sounds the best, which is why I’m thinking of getting another. Having said that, I’d like something a little different to justify owning two models of the same guitar and I’m trying to find details of any new Axis models set to be released? Roasted necks and SS frets seem to be all the rage these days and I’d love to find an Axis with those two items. Also, the awesome pickups and floyd rose are a must. That 20-db pickup booster that other EBMM models might be a welcome addition too! Sadly, I can’t afford that Koa topped Axis. $4k is just too much dough for me.

My local shop said a few new Axis models were in the pipeline but didn’t have much info or specs on them besides a picture or two. I’m trying to track down some details on future models to see if I should hold out for one or go in a different direction like the PV or Charvel. Thanks for any help or info.


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