Question: Majesty Artisan 7 Fret bevel question

Question: Majesty Artisan 7 Fret bevel question

Hey all!

I recently got my majesty artisan 7 string and have noticed that the fret bevel is pretty steep. I’ve adjusted to it mostly, but it’s near impossible to do a legitimate pull of to an open string on the high e string because there is not enough fret to get enough swing to do a pull off. I know most people would say I need to adjust my technique, but I’ve spent the last hour or so trying to experiment with different ways to pull off to the open e string without having that fret slipping sound and it’s damn near impossible. Any advice? Could this possibly be a factory problem where it was beveled too much? I’ve tried other majesty artisan 7 strings and haven’t noticed this issue at all, so I’m kind of worried..


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