Question: Pressure ding on poly – repair possible?

Question: Pressure ding on poly – repair possible?

I picked up a slight pressure dent on one of my JPs over the weekend. No damage to the top coat whatsoever, but it’s buggin the crap out of me since it’s on the edge of the top. If it was on the rear it wouldn’t be nearly as painful. So… Is it possible to used the steam trick to try to get it closer to normal?

There are a lot of theories and success/failure stories out there on other forums. The general consensus is that the wood doesn’t really absorb the moisture from the steam but rather the steam is just used as an effective way to transfer heat to a very specific area without risking burning the top coat.

I’ve used the steam trick before with success on some other unfinished necks and tons of furniture, but I’m hesitant to even try on this. Unfortunately I do not own any “I don’t give a crap if they get damaged” guitars to experiment on.

Curious what the wise members on here have to say. I saw the other recent threads about doing this to unfinished necks but couldn’t find anything about a repair to the polyurethane finishes from EBMM.

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