Question: Sanding Stratocaster neck to get EVH style guitar neck feel.

Question: Sanding Stratocaster neck to get EVH style guitar neck feel.

Im asking this here since it seems we have many
Musicman EVH / Axis experts here. My question is about EVH Wolfgang neck, tough I hope you don’t mind.

I got my first EVH guitar few years ago. It’s stealth black MIM and I really likee how the back of the neck feels. It has natural touch and it has really nice raw feel to it. It feels a bit sticky in a good way. I’m guessing it collects a bit of sweat from the hands i guess. I’m not a big fan of super smooth neck feel. Quite the opposite.

Now I trying to have similar feel to my Fender AM Standard neck. I got quite close sanding the neck using and using small amount of Tru Oil + Tru oil wax. But it still feels different. It’s certainly better. I can feel the wood grains a bit but i’s still not quite it. Neck feels still sort of too smooth. Since EVH Wolfgang has quarter sawn maple neck can this affect how the grains feel on the neck? And no, I didn’t use ultra smooth sandpaper or steel wool when I sanded the neck.

Do you have exact information how those EVH necks are handled? What’s the correct sandpaper grit to use and exact oil to use (and how many layers etc).

I haven’t had privilege to try any Ernie Ball necks to compare to mine but I feel that the (self applied) tru oil + tru oil wax method didn’t quite deliver what I was after. As i understood EVH Stealth neck is handled using Hand rubbed urethane gel neck finish, aka wipe on poly. Could the used oil type have that much of an impact?

Here’s an image of the EVH stealth neck that looks exactly like mine. This has the neck surface feel that I’m after.

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

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