Question: Third time lucky…

Question: Third time lucky…

I own a 1991 Music Man EVH and have done so for 11-12 years now. Due to health issues I have been unable to play for a long time and have not been able to give the guitar the attention that it needs.

My first question is this, as we are in a lockdown here in Germany, I currently have nowhere I can take the guitar. Not that I am in an area where there is anybody that I trust to do a good job anyway. So I want to know what jobs I can do myself on the guitar, seeing as I now have the time and my health has improved somewhat?
The Floyd Rose needs a clean for example. I have owned many guitars and done some setup work myself but from what I can gather this guitar is different as regards the neck tension, and removing all the strings to clean the Floyd Rose can be problematic.
Is this the case?

My second question; The stock Floyd Rose on this guitar didn’t come with a tremolo arm. Which one can I use as a replacement for this model?

Thanks for any help.

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