Questions about the Audiophile bass rig.

Questions about the Audiophile bass rig.

Hey everyone, I’m an old user here… Haven’t posted in probably a couple years but I have some questions for those of you more knowledgeable than I. (if I’m allowed to do that, I forget :S)

About 5 years ago I picked up an Audiophile rig from a guy in Calgary, Canada. The HD-500 head with HD-210 cab and HD-212 cab. (pic included)
Edit: and the footswitch pedal and road case for the head.

So, this thing rocks. Could not be happier with the sound I get through it with my Bongos. But I need to downsize. It’s more than I need.

Is there a demand for this rig or the pieces? I don’t even know what it’s worth these days. I’d like to give it a good home, but I’m so far out of the loop these days. Any advice?

Also let me know if I broke a rule because I feel like I might have.

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