Quintessence – this would make it even more amazing

Quintessence – this would make it even more amazing

1. I love the pedal and all it can do. It is missing a key element which is parallel tracking. I understand that this is marketed as a harmonizer to a certain key but being able to set up toneprint presets of a ‘fixed’ interval similar to the Electro Harmonix Pitchfork would take this pedal to the next level. It would also crush the competition and bring more users to it as well IMHO.

2. It would also be amazing to extend the range up and below the original note to 2 octaves within the toneprint editor.Seems like it could be a relatively easy adjustment programming wise and would open up so much options for the end user.

Love this pedal and I think having at least the first fixed interval locking but additionally extending the range of the octaves within the toneprint editor (so you can physically have the same pedal) would bring it to an even more magical place.

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