Relay switching on Blackstar – is there a way?

Relay switching on – is there a way?

Hey guys, brand new G System user here. I’ve been spending a few days looking at the white paper (godsend) and just setting the thing up. I’ve finally programmed in a few channels and the sound coming out is sweet! I have miles to go but so far so good.
My only but big problem comes in the form of relay switching using the G. I have a Blackstar HT Stage 100 head and a Blackstar cab. The HT 100 has only a single jack slot for pedal switchers along with a 9pin old pc monitor cable. My question is how do I rig up a cable to switch channels? Jack lead didn’t work. A y cable (stereo – 2 monos, 2 monos in g SW 1& 2 and stereo end in Blackstar. That didn’t work either and I really don’t want to be tap dancing so much using the g and the footswitch!

If anyone has any ideas or wisdom they can share it would be hugely appreciated.


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