RH750 Bass Amp – Power shutting off question

RH750 Bass Amp – Power shutting off question

Recently purchased a pre-owned RH750. Amp appeared to be in great shape cosmetically. Tested fine, used it for a few rehearsals & one gig and it worked fine, no issues.
Last weekend took it to a gig & as soon as I turned the amp on, it started shutting itself off repeatedly within a few minutes. Would turn it off & on a few times with similar results. Luckily I had a backup amp.

Tried it at home yesterday & the same thing happened initially. Although after a few minutes I was able to get it to turn on and stay on without any issues.

I know there is a protection mode in the manual but I didnt see any indicators (P or H) on the display. It just went completely dark. No sound, even though the power switch was on.
Is this a normal feature of the amp and/or does it perhaps need some sort of warm-up time? Anyone else experiencing this issue?

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