Sentry Noise Gate

Sentry Noise Gate

Hello Guys!
I just bought a Sentry and it is works fine. My only problem is that I want it to setup perfectly via TonePrint but I don’t know about every knob what it actually does. This is my first noise gate that have more functions than just “threshold”.

So I just realized if I leave the “Cross Over” section at off, then only the “… High” bars effects my sound.
Then I found out that I can set with cross over low and high that what exactly to be considered as high and low but still don’t know how to set up properly.

I play high gain stuff and my problem is that if I set the pedal to fit my taste in lows then higher tones die out too quickly. But if I change it to let it ring in higher tones, the whole stuff got noisy.

So I want to set it up to minimize noise (also finger noise), cut the lows fast but let ring the higher tones.
Can you help me how to start?

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