Silo Special conundrum

Silo Special conundrum

I have a 2006 Limited Edition Silhouette Special that I’m struggling with.
I was almost set on selling it, but it plays so well, and feels so comfy that I keep second guessing myself.
The reason I keep thinking about selling it is the sound. It just sounds slightly too focused…too modern if that makes any sense.
I want to get an older vintage vibe that approximates a strat without necessarily sounding exactly like one.

If I were to swap out the singles do you think I could get the sound and feel I’m after with this lovely guitar?

If so, any recommendations on which pickups would work well?

Should I also change the humbucker, or the switching system?

Basically if I can make the guitar sound like I want with a little work and love, then I’ll do it.

Thanks for your help.

Including some pics, just because.

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