SK48 ADAT not working but TOS is.

SK48 ADAT not working but TOS is.

Hi all,

I’ve been rewiring my studio after moving house and I’m having a couple of issues with the SK48 ADAT connection to my old AKAI S6000. I was also unable to get a connection to my Behringer DEQ2496 so it does appear that there is an issue with the driver or hardware.

TC Near =
TC NEar CP = 3.1.0 r3655
TC Near FW =

I cannot install the latest version as my OS refuses to install an update that allows it.

I haven’t used the AKAI for some time so I may have forgotten a preference setting, but I just cannot get the ADAT light on my SK48 to light up when I select ADAT – it DOES light up when I select TOS. I was thinking that there must be something wrong with the ADAT connector until I saw that TOS light come on.

No form of SYNC is working either; WC, ADAT etc.

I’m at a total loss and I’m hoping some simple advice (besides ditching the AKAI) will fix it.


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