Soundfield Update for 5.1 Mixing

Soundfield Update for 5.1 Mixing

Hi there,

Im thinking on getting Clarity M form my installations, and I want to know if IT has or will have a sound field 5.1 scope.

The main problem Ive got right now is that I use Izotope Insight for this porpoise but Its a nightmare about CPU usage in some systems.

I would love to have RTA (done), Meters (done), LUFS Radar (done) and I would need 5.1 scope.

I know that with the 2.0 update you have introduce scope for ST music mixing.

Will Post house receive any update concerning to 5.1 scope sound fields?

And one more question, 7.1 busses are accepted? Will be awesome to have 7.1 or 7.1.2 Atmos meter/Radar/Scope, as is the way to go in Post mixing for Film and TV.

With this two addons It would be the perfect solution. Market Killer I think!



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