Stingray 5 repaint

Stingray 5 repaint

I have this 2002 EBMM stingray 5h-piezo in black. The problem is, the paint keeps flaking, may be due to the humidity here in the philippines. I would not mind wear and tear from use, but not this type.. it would flake in unlikely places!
I have convinced myself that it is time for a repaint..
My choices as of now are:
1. Repaint with the same color (black)
-might be the safest choice yet not so dramatic
2. Repaint with chameleon (color changing) paint
-color looks so cool but may end up being passe through time
3. Ceruse with maple stain being the base color and color the grains black
-I am assuming the outcome would be killer in boutique basses,but not so sure in more traditional shaped ones

Which one would you prefer?
Will the value fluctuate that much if repainted in a color other than the original one? Will it also lose value even if repainted in the same color?BTW, I will spend more time looking at this more than playing it, since my pbass tend to be used 80 percent of the time..
TIA for your responses

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