Stingray Guitar pickups – ones that sound similar

Stingray Guitar pickups – ones that sound similar

I love the humbuckers that come in the stingray guitars. I took them out of my stingray rs temporarily to put in my Silo to see what they would sound like in that and were great, I liked them much better than the paf pro’s that I think were in there. I have since put them back in the SR and now looking to what options that are out there that sound similar to keep in the Silo since music man does not sell these aftermarket.

I have tried the duncan 59 and I guess it is kind of close, but hotter and maybe a tad more compressed and not as open sounding. Next I was going to try a 57 classic or or prs mira covered pups and see if that get’s me there as they have similar specs.

Any recommendations that could get me close to the stock stingray pickups? Or if someone has a set for sale that would be great, but they do not pop up often.

Best guess is something in the 7.25 neck and 8k bridge resistance range with A5 mags, potted with nickel-silver base plates, but wanted to see what you guys recommend to look at since the available specs are limited on the stock pickups. Thanks for any input.

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