StingRay Special Spotlight: 18V preamp

StingRay Special Spotlight: 18V preamp

Hey again! New blog time, since we dropped the new SR Special line we decided it had so many changes that we should cover it in a series of articles highlighting what makes the SRS so, well, special. You can read the blog post here

But also worth checking out are our new videos on the SRS, we got Sterling, Tony Levin, Mike Herrera and Stefan Lessard to walk you through some of the changes as well. Personally I really enjoyed Tony Levin going over all those Peter Gabriel lines, I never realized how much I want a bass octave pedal until watching it.

The Music Man Stingray Special Bass – Tony Levin Demo & Discussion – YouTube

If you guys have any questions thoughts or gripes about the new SRS preamp then this is the best place to discuss it!

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