TC Electronic HyperGravity Compression Pedal

HyperGravity Compression Pedal


Here is an article I found on the main three types of guitar compression pedals:

OTA (Operational Transconductance ) – The earliest guitar of compression pedals. While the early designs are plagued by noise and have a reputation for colouring tone (regarded as tone-sucking or tone-enhancing depending on who you ask), some modern pedal builders have greatly improved these designs. Best for: general guitar compression, simplicity, colour.

VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) – VCA compressors are the category that most ‘studio-style’ comps fall into. VCA compressors sound very clean and are less likely to colour your tone. They’re also very precise & responsive and often give you studio-style parameter controls (including Attack, Release, Ratio, Threshold, Knee, etc.) Best for: transparency, responsiveness, studio-style control.

MULTIBAND – Multiband compression is typically found in plugin compression software used within a DAW (like Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton Live, etc). It separates your signal into separate frequency bands and compresses each individually for the utmost in carefully controlled dynamics. Best for: in-depth control, precise compression, transparency.

Which types of compressors do people lean more towards? Does anyone have any recommendations when searching for the right compression pedal?


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