Tell me about BFRs…

Tell me about BFRs…

As some of you may have read in other threads, I’m new here and looking for my second EBMM.

I thought Ball Family Reserve models were the sort of “pinnacle” for want of a better expression. However, I’ve read elsewhere (FB comments) words to the effect that whilst some BFRs are really special, others are more “run of the mill”. I think it was mentioned all JP13s were BFRs.

Anyway, I’m in the market for a Cutlass, and I’ve seen one 2018 BFR model, brand new, for sale for several hundred pounds less than a non-BFR. Confusing to a newcomer. If I’m going to splash out on a new EBMM, I am tempted to go all out and try to get a BFR, and/or a nice roasted maple neck and fretboard, but I am now in need of more guidance on this BFR thing…what does it “buy you”?

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