The mysterious "Custom Made" AL…

The mysterious "Custom Made" AL…

*this is a follow up to my original thread about this guitar –…ddball-al.html

This was listed on Reverb a few weeks ago, and the first thing that caught my eye was the maple neck/rosewood F/B combination. Sparked my curiosity, to say the least.
Posted about it here (thread link above, lot’s of juicy details in that thread…), and contacted the seller, who was a shop in Washington State who had it on consignment for one of their best customers only referred to as “The Collector”.
I wasn’t the only curious member here, as it turns out GWD had contacted them as well.
Wasn’t looking to buy, just wanted to know the story.
During researching the history, Mrs. Bebop (she loves a good mystery…) decided this was a rare opportunity and insisted I pursue obtaining it.
I negotiated with the shop, and being it was a consignment piece, it was up to the seller. After a few days they lowered the price enough that we sealed the deal.

I confirmed with EBMM customer service that this was custom built for an EBMM artist/endorsee in 2009. As per policy, they won’t reveal who *but I would love to know…???
They were also mystified by the discrepancy of the S/N and the actual build.

Upon delivery and after initial inspection and testing, I removed the aftermarket electronics and installed the Railhammer loaded pickguard I’d been rocking on my original AL (Origin-AL??).
Now the Mystery AL looks great, sounds great, and plays like butter!
It’s nowhere near pristine…it’s road worn and sports plenty of battle scars, interesting yellowing of the finish around the edges and under the pick guard, but oozes mojo…
A great ‘collector’ piece!

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