The One

The One

Hello everyone,

This is a post in two parts.

It is strange to me to see that I haven’t posted a new thread in here since early 2016, but I guess that’s what a toddler does to you. Those of you who remember me know that I am a gear addict, and probably not in a good way. I’ve gone through a ridiculous number of guitars in the past 5 years, all while searching for “The One.” You know what I’m talking about, that mythical beast that let’s you set the action just the way you like it with no buzz, even when you are wailing away on your heaviest metal rhythm, with your caveman hands exerting the force of Thor’s hammer (maybe that’s just me?). The one that requires minimal tweaking when you want to switch styles day-after-day. The one that looks so good you wish you could just wear it at your day job instead of clothes (okay, definitely me).

Anyways, I’ve never even come close to finding that guitar. I’ve come close a lot, but never hit the mark. I always find a deal-breaking flaw, usually related to my heavy string, standard tuned power chord thunderclap picking style. However, many of you may remember that I have long been a fan of the Morse model (my first Music Man was a Y2D), and that I’ve had a few of them over the years. The things that prevented me from becoming bound to that Y2D were personal complaints, no stainless frets, a “plain” figured maple neck, rosewood board. Well, along comes the Starry Night package, and suddenly, it’s love at first sight. It’s like the first time I saw my wife, I think Sicilians call it “the thunderbolt.”

Fast-forward to two weeks ago and it shows up. Never could I have imagined just how good a guitar could be. I suddenly understand why guys have a “#1.” The fretwork is probably more precise than any other fretwork I’ve ever encountered. The neck is easily the straightest I’ve ever seen. Everything about the guitar is phenomenal (it’s not perfect, it has a big neck pocket gap, but I’m not about ready to risk messing it up by exchanging it for one that is). I can confidently proclaim, it is The One. I’m sure it will get picked up every day. It will get played a lot, and it will probably accompany on my viking funeral raft when I die. Enjoy the pics.

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