There's a new kid in town….. I love my Caprice.

There's a new kid in town….. I love my Caprice.

When I got this bass it was honestly on a whim. I had ordered and paid for a Butterscotch Old Smoothie when I realized a week later it was on back order I just called and said send me that Caprice instead. I spend lots of time on YouTube watching EBMM bass reviews. Well I kept watching the Joe Dart one with the Caprice where he is playing the Chicken and I was thinking that is a damn good sounding traditional passive sound.

Well now that I have had it a few weeks and gotten to spend some quality time with the bass I am really blown away. It is so much more than what I expected. In addition to the obvious traditional tones it is designed to achieve, you get those modernized traditional tones in spades plus a huge in your face presence that only a Music Man can give you. The neck pickup solo’d is glorious. A grunt, growl or snort…how ever you describe it…it is big lush and musical. No honky, nasally pinched off dead and uninspiring thud. Not your Daddy’s neck pickup. This one is tuned to the modern hi fi amps and recordings that we have grown accustomed to.

And the slap tone out of the front pickup solo’d…. OMG! Carwash, Forget Me Nots…. its all there. But its a full spectrum sound. Rich harmonic content with all the heft behind it that you would assume those big @$$ pole pieces would supply. The slap tone with both pickups wide open is very shall we say…. “Victorian” 😉 But you dont have to spend $5000 for a bass with EMG’s in it.

In the past month I have gotten a new Classic Stingray, an Old Smoothie and the Caprice in addition to a few very fine used EBMM’s. There is a lot of competition in my house for playing time… this bass has earned its keep and impressed my very much as the new kid on the block. If you have not played a Caprice, you need to.

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