Toneprint app Beta

Toneprint app Beta

Hi all,

we have a beta version of our new Toneprint app ready: … 889387886/

If you want to Beta test the new app prior to it’s release, send an e-mail to or PM me.

IMPORTANT! For iOS and Android users, please be sure to apply using the email address that you use for your Apple ID/Google Play login.

Other info we need from you:

– Which TonePrint pedals do you have?
– What platform(s) are you using? (iPhone/Android/Mac/PC/iPad)
– Are you willing/able to test on multiple platforms?

And finally, some minimum operating system requirements for participation:

– Mac: computer running OSX 10.11. xx or upwards
– PC: computer running Win 7 or higher
– iOS: any iOS device running iOS 9 or higher
– Android: any android device running Android 5 ( Lollipop )

We’ll get back to you next week, so please allow some time and stay patient. We will notify all applicants one way or another.

Electronically yours,

Mike Nickel

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