Traded in my prof. strat for a white Cutlass SSS

Traded in my prof. strat for a white Cutlass SSS

However, upon taking the cutlass home and inspecting it, I realized that it had been hanging around the store for quite some time, as it was a 2016 model. Red flags were rising. Furthermore, I surmised that it had likely been returned previously, as the pick guard plastic had been peeled and there were numerous scratch marks upon it. I got the thing set up and figured since it played so well with the exact action that I prefer, I could let it go. Finally, I plugged it in and found that it repeatedly cut out while playing. After switching up both the battery and cable, I had to concede that it had likely been returned due to a faulty input jack or wiring. Instead of fixing it, Guitar center likely put it right back on the rack where it sat neglected for months until I moseyed past it.

Frustrated, I marched back to the store, and asked for them to order one in the color and config that I had wanted in the first place. Half way through the process, I realized that they were just going to send me
another floor model from another store in perhaps questionable condition. I had the manager scrap the process and start over with an order from their distribution center so I could be sure I would get an unmolested model. The manager couldn’t figure out how to order from the center, so I await a phone call.

The whole thing has been quote frustrating, exaggerated by slow employees unfamiliar with their systems and a borderline rude manager. Part of this is my fault for being in such a rush. I could have saved myself a good deal of time, but I hate playing new guitars on unfamiliar equipment, and wanted to get it home asap so I could test it under consistent conditions.

What I got to see of the guitar, I very much liked. The neck and string spacing is right up my alley. The smaller frets are a breathe of fresh air in this tall/jumbo world. The smaller body is something I have been looking for in an S-type guitar for as long as I can remember. Always, it’s probably for the best that I had to rerun it, as I would have resented to the existing play wear on a new guitar, and that I didn’t get the exact config I wanted. looking forward to it and I’ll post when it arrives.

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