Twisted neck on new Majesty Monarchy

Twisted neck on new Majesty Monarchy

Hello all,

I recently purchased a new Majesty Monarchy in red (6 string) from a very reputable online retailer. The guitar arrived within a week – I am in Canada – which was impressive turnaround.

It didn’t take long for me to see that the neck was warped. The high E string side is just very slightly bowed, while the bass side has a significant S in the neck.. It is very obvious. Enough so that the guitar could not be set up properly. I brought it to my guitar tech, and he confirmed that there was a warp in the neck.

Pretty frustrating as finding these things is really hard, particularly without having to wait months and months. I have reached out to EB and have not heard back yet.

Hoping I can get some sort of resolution near term.


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