Using G-System with 3 midi devices

Using G-System with 3 midi devices


I currently have my system setup with a nova drive and a G-Lab LMS-1 line switcher (so that I can select different inputs – piezo or mag from my guitar). I am thinking of changing my amp to one with midi, a Mesa Boogie jp2c, and I can’t quite see how I can get the g-system to change settings on all 3 devices appropriately.

The Nova drive I don’t see as a problem as it works outside the standard midi implementation. The LMS-1 has a simple midi implementation as detailed int he docs here: … cher-lms-1

I use the G-system in ‘On Map’ mode and select prg change 1 or 2 from the LMS-1, but I will want to use more than 2 settings on the amp, so it seems I have a problem. Is it possible to send 2 different program change settings for each patch or am I looking at this the wrong way?


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