Wet signal level of Flashback X4 – Question

Wet signal level of Flashback X4 – Question


My amp has a “send level” knob for the signal going to the effects loop and the signal strength is line level . I keep the Delay Level on the X4 set at 12 o’clock. I’ve noticed if the amp effects loop ‘send level’ low, then the X4 delay level (wet) is about similar to the dry sound. When the ‘send level’ knob on the amp is set to noon or higher, the dry sound gets much louder but the wet signal only becomes a little louder. So, the net effect is that the wet signal is not nearly as strong as the dry signal. This can be partially compensated by the Delay Level knob on the X4, but not enough.

It is surprising that the wet level to dry level ratio would change so much just based on the input level to the X4. Can someone at comment on whether this is normal? Thanks.

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