Where to get an update card? 2019

Where to get an update card? 2019

It seems that finding a pcmcia card to work in the g-force, is near impossible. TC’s new owners inform me that they have no cards to sell, nor the file to put on a card (for firmware), should I even find a card that works. After buying 3 pcmcia cards to collect dust in my desk (they dont work in the gforce), I am about to give up.

Does ANYONE have a pcmcia card with the newer firmware 2.XX on it, they would sell me? I’d even pay to borrow the thing. I have lost too much money buying gforces and incompatible cards to try much longer.

I have one unit with updated firmware. I know its a long shot, but does anyone know of a way to send the FW from one unit to another, via ribbon cable or midi? Thanks.

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