Windows 10: PoCo not working anymore – help!

Windows 10: PoCo not working anymore – help!

Hi everybody,

I hope you can help me with my PoCo-Setup, that has stopped working:

Windows 10 Home
Core i7-6700
Powercore Classic PCI (PCI->PCIe adapter card)

– Had been working for several months with driver version 443
– From one day to another it stopped working: “no device found”
– After repairing the driver (same version) the error message changed to “unknown device”. Device manager stated: “Device ‘PCIVEN_1057&DEV_0003&SUBSYS_00000000&REV_135&2f97b24d&0&0000DA’ requires further installations.”
– I changed driver version to unofficial beta 4.5.0b72 – the error kept persisting
– Since a few days error changed again to “no device found”

Do you see any chance to get my PoCo working again, or should I throw it away and look for a new, more stable setup? 😮

Many thanks from Germany

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