Wiring advice HSS Axis

Wiring advice HSS Axis

Hello. After a long search I recently managed to score a 1997 HSS axis sport. The original owner changed the pick ups to injectors and a transition. I really dislike the tone. I don’t know if it’s the way they wired it or if it’s just that I don’t like the pickups. It’s too dark.

I had a similar issue with a silhouette special a few years ago. It was amazing to play but I could never get it to sound right. Always too dark. Not sure if it had anything to do with the silent circuit or some other factor. I ended up selling it, which I would like to avoid again here. This guitar plays amazingly well I just don’t like the sound.

Music man kindly supplied an original wiring diagram for me to use to restore to original spec, although I obviously don’t have the original pick ups.

What I actually would like to do is put pick ups in there that I know I like and wire them In a more standard fashion than stock. Basically, position one humbucker, position two humbucker middle, position three middle position four neck middle, position five neck.

I’m not sure how to connect/incorporate the silent circuit. I’m not even sure I want to, if it affects the tone. Also, I’d like the singles to see 250K but I might still want the humbucker to see 500. Might be able To get away with 250 all around.

I’m not sure if asking mod questions like this is “legal” on music man’s own website, but there you have it.

Can anyone suggest a solution?


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