ALLICDATA ELECTRONICS LIMITED is a company that operates electronic components and IC integrated circuits, specializing in the small and medium-sized electrical appliances manufacturers to provide a variety of electronic components procurement solutions. It is the main agent distribution of the world famous brand devices. The company’s headquarters in Shenzhen, China. The company in line with the “people-oriented” service purpose, integrity management, and strive for the majority of customers Providing good quality and low price service. XC2S30-5TQG144C

  The main object of the company is to purchase the electronic components of the mainland electronic manufacturers in Guangzhou and abroad, and also provide wholesale business for the spare parts store. The brands of the company today are TI, AD, MAXIM, MICRON, SAMSUNG, HYNIX, SST, ISSI, SPANS. ION, ALTERA, XILINX, CYPRESS

  Key Features:
Fully conformed to the PCI standard.
Low power segmented routing architecture.
Verifying / observability complete reading ability.
Special carry logic of high speed operation.
High efficiency frequency doubling support.
Cascaded chain width input function.
Rich register / latch enabled, setting, resetting.

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