XC2S30-5VQG100C new XILINX hot selling stock

XC2S30-5VQG100C new XILINX hot selling stock


  ALLICDATA ELECTRONICS LIMITED is a special distributor of electronic components that focus on global famous brands. It mainly distributes Xilinx, ALTERA, ADI, ATMEL, ACTEL, LATTICE, MICREL, MEMSIC, NX, TI, and hundreds of famous brands at home and abroad.The distribution products include integrated circuit, memory chip, microprocessor, potentiometer, relay, electronic tube, connector, amplifier, two or three stage tube, resistance, power supply IC, inductor, optocoupler, silicon controlled silicon, field effect, capacitance, magnetic bead, voltage regulator, LED light tube and other electrical components and semiconductors.

  The customer group is concentrated in many industries, such as computer, communication, telecommunication, consumer electronics, medical equipment, automobile electronics, aerospace, military, electric, security and industrial control instruments.  Our Strong business: low voltage MOS, high voltage MOS, FET, Schottky, transient tube, three terminal voltage regulator, two or three pole transistor, power supply IC, tantalum capacitor, capacitance resistance, etc. XC2S30-5VQG100C

  Key Features:
Optional shift register or distributed RAM support
Enhanced 18 x 18 multipliers with optional pipeline
Hierarchical SelectRAM? memory architecture
Up to 576 Kbits of dedicated block RAM
Up to 176 Kbits of efficient distributed RAM
Up to eight Digital Clock Managers (DCMs)
Eight global clocks and eight additional clocks per each half of device, plus abundant low-skew routing
Complete Xilinx? ISE? and WebPACK? software development system support
MicroBlaze? and PicoBlaze? embedded processor cores
Fully compliant 32-/64-bit 33 MHz PCI? technology support
Low-cost QFP and BGA Pb-free (RoHS) packaging options
Pin-compatible with the same packages in the Spartan-3A FPGA family

  If you have demand or want to know more details, please don’t hesitate to contact our shopmall-ALLICDTA ELECTRONICS LIMITED.

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