AmpliTube OverScream Giveaway

AmpliTube OverScream Giveaway

IK Multimedia is giving away AmpliTube OverScream to all new and existing AmpliTube 5 users (including the free Custom Shop version) through November 1, 2022.

The AmpliTube OverScream is based on Ibanez® Tube Screamer, a classic overdrive/distortion pedal that has become the go-to overdrive pedal for some of the most influential guitar players of all time. Its basic controls make it easy to dial in the exact sound you want.

Instructions for redeeming your FREE OverScream overdrive/distortion pedal:

  • Log in/register an IK account and head to your User Area
  • Use the pop-up message to Redeem your promotional item and sign up for the Newsletter, if you’re not already subscribed
  • Download and open the IK Product Manager
  • Select Manage My Products then using the Software tab, click the Install and Authorize button to the right of AmpliTube 5
  • If you already have the latest version of AmpliTube 5 installed (version 5.5), please enter the Menu inside AmpliTube 5, navigate to the Account tab, and select Restore Purchase
Users who do not yet have a version of AmpliTube 5 and want AmpliTube OverScream, can grab IK’s free version, AmpliTube 5 Custom Shop, which includes 42 must-have pedals, amps, cabinets, mics and rack FX.

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