Ashdown 2024 NAMM Releases

Ashdown 2024 NAMM Releases

Ashdown has been diligently crafting some exhilarating new products that they’re excited to unveil at the NAMM Show 2024! With innovation at the forefront, Ashdown say they can’t wait to showcase these new additions to their lineup.

Rootmaster Evo III

Our Ashdown Rootmaster series since its conception has been about providing solid Ashdown tone, power, and reliability without the weight. Engineered to provide the hard-working bass player with everything they could need, from one of the most comprehensive EQ’s in the business to our tried and tested Ashdown Sub Harmonic Generator as well as a simple and effective Compression control and variable Valve Emulated drive. The Rootmaster really is the Swiss army knives of bass amps.

The new RM-EVO III heads now come with the option to rackmount the units with the provided rack kit, as a common request from the bass playing community. Available in 500 watts or a hearty 800 watts of tour proven power.

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Original Evo

Ashdown Namm

Ashdown Engineering, a pioneer in bass amplification, is thrilled to introduce the OriginAL EVO Mini Bass Head, the latest addition to their esteemed line-up of bass amplifiers. Designed to meet the demands of modern bassists, the OriginAL EVO combines stunning aesthetics with unparalleled simplicity and sonic excellence.

This sleek and compact bass amplifier is a testament to Ashdown’s commitment to delivering powerful, reliable, and portable solutions for musicians. The OriginAL EVO carries forward the legacy of its predecessor, the OriginAL, with subtle yet significant updates to its components.

At the heart of the OriginAL EVO is a 5-band EQ, providing precise control over bass, middle, and treble frequencies, alongside dedicated hi-mid and lo-mid knobs for fine-tuning. The Shape control adds an extra layer of tonal versatility, allowing bassists to sculpt their sound to perfection.

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Roasted Basses

Ashdown NAMM
Saint Soap – Onyx Green

With a commitment to innovation and quality, Ashdown presents the Roasted Series of Bass Guitars featuring a range of four models designed to meet the needs of both aspiring bassists and seasoned professionals.

After a year of meticulous development and rigorous testing, including road trials with Scottish rock icons Biffy Clyro, Ashdown Engineering is thrilled to present the Roasted Series. Each instrument in this exciting line-up features a distinctive roasted maple neck and fingerboard, complemented by matching headstocks for a stylish and cohesive aesthetic.

The Roasted Series includes the following four models:

The Capri: Embracing the current short scale trend, the Capri offers a pint-sized solution with its 30” scale. Available in three stunning colour options – Ashdown Blue Metallic, Onyx Green Metallic, and Shell Pink Metallic – the Capri boasts a floating soap bar pickup, delivering both vintage warmth and modern tones.

The Saint Soap: A larger sibling to the Capri, the Saint Soap features a full-length 34” scale and a classic jazz-style roasted neck. With a single soap bar pickup and three colour choices – Ashdown Blue Metallic, Onyx Green Metallic, and Shell Pink Metallic – the Saint Soap provides a modern twist on nostalgic tones without the vintage price tag.

The Saint: A favourite of James Johnston, the Saint model boasts a P/J pickup configuration, a 38mm nut width on a J-style roasted neck, and three captivating colour options – Ashdown Blue Metallic, Onyx Green Metallic, and Shell Pink Metallic. With its growling tones and well-positioned bridge pickup, the Saint is a versatile choice for bassists seeking both power and precision.

The Low Rider: Inspired by the legendary John Alec Entwistle, the Low Rider is a powerhouse finished in Satin Black. Featuring a high-gloss black scratch plate and two oversized humbuckers, this model delivers a thunderous tone worthy of its inspiration.

Ashdown NAMM
Low Ride – Matte Black

Ashdown Engineering is excited to offer these exceptional instruments to the bass community, combining affordability with top-tier craftsmanship. The Roasted Series represents a new standard in bass guitar design, catering to the diverse preferences of musicians worldwide.

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Woodsman Acoustic Amps

Ashdown NAMM
Woodsman Classic

Designed for acoustic performers, Ashdown Engineering announce the Woodsman family of amplifiers, combining traditional, beautiful wooden cabinets with powerful modern features for live performance and recording.

With inputs for microphones and acoustic guitar, Woodsman amps are ideal for duos, or solo singer/guitar players, delivering pure clear, acoustic tone and essential performance tuning features, including feedback eliminating notch filters.

Two compact models are available – 25W Parlour, 40W Classic. Each model features a custom-designed 8” driver. The Classic and Parlour model also feature a horn for increased full-range sound.

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The Elizabeth Line

Ashdown NAMM

The Ashdown Elizabeth Line is the result of decades of unwavering dedication to the craft of sound engineering. Ashdown has collaborated with some of the world’s most celebrated musicians and audio engineers, and this line represents the culmination of their collective expertise and passion.

BETTY: Unleash the Sound

BETTY, the smaller battery-powered sister in the Elizabeth Line, is designed for those who demand style, portability, and uncompromising audio quality. With a sleek and compact design, BETTY offers a powerful 45W output that ensures exceptional sound delivery. It features a 4-inch Mid Bass unit and two 20mm dome treble units, making every note and beat come to life with exquisite detail.

Enjoy your favourite music with flexible connectivity options, including BT 5.0, USB, and AUX inputs, and revel in extended playback hours with its robust 2600/3000 mAh battery. BETTY lets you tailor your audio experience with adjustable bass and treble settings, all packed into a portable and lightweight form factor.

BETSY: The Versatile Maestro

BETSY is the versatile maestro of the Elizabeth Line, designed to meet the diverse needs of music lovers. With its sophisticated design and 65W of power, BETSY is a formidable audio companion that effortlessly adapts to any environment. A two-way, phase-front, inverted sound system, and a 5-inch woofer, along with 25mm dome treble units, combine to deliver stunning audio immersion.

BETSY offers a variety of connectivity options, including BT 5.0, USB, and AUX, ensuring seamless integration with all your devices. Its large 5000 mAh battery keeps the music going, and the adjustable bass and treble settings (+/- 3dB) allow you to fine-tune your listening experience.

ELIZA: The Audiophile’s Dream

ELIZA is the crown jewel of the Elizabeth Line, designed for true audiophiles who demand the utmost in audio excellence. With a stunning 100W of power, ELIZA offers an unparalleled listening experience. Its advanced 6-inch Mid Bass unit and 30mm dome treble units produce pristine, dynamic sound that captures every nuance.

The sophisticated unit configuration, combined with the two-way, phase-front, inverted sound system, creates a captivating soundstage. ELIZA offers multiple connection options, including BT 5.0, USB, and AUX inputs. Its substantial 7000 mAh battery ensures that your listening experience knows no bounds.

The Ashdown Elizabeth Line is a celebration of innovation, design, and sound quality. These products are meticulously crafted to transform your listening experience, whether you’re at home or on the go.

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Ashdown Triple Shot

Bass guitar distortion is an effect that is often compromised due to lack of control. The Ashdown Triple Shot is a super high-gain bass overdrive offering ultimate control and versatility over your overdriven tones.

In essence, the Triple Shot is three individual distortion pedals in one! The signal from the instrument is split into three distinct frequency bands (“Dark”, “Medium” and “Light”) and fed into three distortion generators. Each band has its own level (“Roast”) control before being recombined to create a full signal. It is therefore possible to retain and enhance the low-end frequencies of your bass sound with a thick and chunky overdriven tone, enrich the top-end with high-gain trebles — or take the two extremes and mix them together to harvest a vast selection of distinct sonic qualities.

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Ashdown Pro DI

The Ashdown Pro Di features a 5 band EQ section with an appliable Ashdown Shape option for that scooped tone if required for additional shaping options. The EQ has been taken from the basis of our ABM preamp and subsequent variations, such as the MAG and ROOTMASTER series making this a very professional product for people unable to rely upon a backline being provided.

The on-board valve emulated overdrive features with a drive mix and level to ensure you don’t lose any volume or gain when engaging the drive, used in conjunction with the input and output controls and the provided Ashdown VU meter to balance your levels to ensure unity to the output. There is also a passive and active input sensitivity pad provided with a -3dB cut for use with active instruments.

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Lomenzo Mega Drive

Ashdown NAMM

Ashdown are proud to announce the launch of the James LoMenzo signature Mega Drive bass pedal. Based on the incredibly successful Ashdown Hyperdrive pedal the NEW Mega Drive pedal takes it to the next level.

After talking to James not long before he got the full time MegaDeath gig about possibly doing another run of the infamous HyperDrive pedal Ashdown wanted to take the design back to the drawing board to ensure the pedal had what was required for the modern bass player… With lots of distortion pedals on the market Ashdown needed to ensure this was unlike any other, much like the original the all NEW MegaDrive pedal has been engineered to last a life time. This pedal is not just another drive pedal or one trick pony this pedal does it all from rich deep distortion to modern glass cutting high end drive.

“I’ve been an Ashdown user for over twenty years and I’m both proud and excited to present to you my second signature “Hyper Drive” distortion pedal. This one’s called the “Mega Drive”.

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