Danelectro’s ’66 and ’59 revised for ’18

Danelectro’s ’66 and ’59 revised for ’18

Retro specialist Danelectro has revised its ’66 and ’59 models for 2018.

With the adjustable wraparound bridge replaced, the ‘  now comes equipped with a Wilkinson Vibrato bridge, allowing players to articulate open string picking and not suffer from pitch loss when the whammy bar is used energetically.

The ’66T’s semi-hollow body is paired with a solid centre block and the guitar comes with a vintage style single coil pickup in the neck position with twin lipstick humbucking pickups in the bridge. Volume and Tone are adjusted by a simple pair of master pots, with the tone control also doubling up as a push/pull switch to release the humbucker’s coil tap facility.

Customers looking to wander closer to the bleeding edge can also get a baritone version – the ’66BT.

The ’66T is available in Transparent Orange, Transparent Blue, Gloss Black and 3 Tone Sunburst; The ’66BT is available in 3 Tone Sunburst, Transparent Blue and Transparent Red.

The revised Danelectro ’59, meanwhile, now becomes the ’59X but retains its chambered body design and a shorthorn, double cutaway. It’s also still made from Masonite so it retains its unique light weight and tone.

What changes are the ’59X’s pair of stacked tone and volume pots and 3-way pickup selector control. An offset, high-output single coil pickup in the neck position is matched to a lipstick humbucker at the other end, but he latter is coil tapped via a pull facility on the tone knob.

The ambitious can opt for the the ’59XT which gains a Wilkinson Vibrato system.

The ’59X is available in Cream, Dark Blue, Dark Red and Black. The ’59XT is available in Gloss Black, Aqua, Burgundy and Silver.

Info: www.jhs.co.uk/danelectro

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