DiMarzio releases Polyphia pickups

DiMarzio releases Polyphia pickups

DiMarzio has announced new pickups designed for Scott LePage and Tim Henson of the band Polyphia. Called the IGNO and Notorious respectively, they are available immediately, the manufacturer says.

According to DiMarzio, Scott LePage: ‘…wanted a bridge pickup that had the power to dig in when needed. Alnico 8 was used to increase the output. The IGNO features DiMarzio’s dual resonance design with both coils scatter wound to produce a warm response that’s not too high in the mids. This keeps the clarity and separation between the treble and bass’.

Tim Henson, meanwhile, wanted the Notorious Minibucker Bridge to have moderate output in order to balance with his Notorious single coils in the neck and middle. ‘This bridge pickup needed to have shimmering clarity and focus to capture his playing style. The Notorious Minibucker Bridge is the one that Tim likes to shred on.

‘Tim likes the clarity and focus of a vintage single coil in a 21-fret guitar and wanted to capture the same response and tone in his 24-fret signature guitar. The Notorious Neck and Middle single coils are voiced to roll off some treble to make up for the brighter location. Calibrated, degaussed Alnico 5 magnets capture the dynamics of vintage single coils. Tim says the Notorious Neck and Middle are “great for chords and ringing notes that hold through each other.”’

Info: www.dimarzio.com.

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