EVH Unveils MIJ Series Signature Wolfgang

EVH Unveils MIJ Series Signature Wolfgang

EVH have announced the release of the Signature Wolfgang®, the newest addition to the MIJ Series. Meticulously crafted by talented EVH luthiers in Japan, this exclusive model is stacked with Eddie Van Halen’s preferred touring specs and the behemoth sounds expected from an instrument bearing his name. This guitar provides players with impeccable quality, versatility, and performance.

Here’s what makes this model stand out:

  • Custom-wound EVH Wolfgang Alnico 2 humbucker in the bridge and an alnico 3 custom-wound EVH Wolfgang humbucker in the neck give a perfectly-balanced tone with dynamic pick attack
  • Custom-designed EVH BI Tech HPU low friction volume knob creates even-volume tapering for smooth volume swells, while mutes can be performed with the lower bout kill switch to generate those popular stutter, rhythmic effects.
  • Furnished with a “dive-bomb” certified EVH-branded top-mount Floyd Rose bridge, the locking tailpiece features fine tuners for each string and a patented EVH D-Tuna® for switching between standard and drop-D tuning in an
  • Offered in Ivory and Stealth

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